♥  A little bit about me and my style of photography ♥ 

"Do small things with great LOVE!" Mother Teresa of Calcutta

"Do small things with great LOVE!" Mother Teresa of Calcutta

My name is Jacqueline - devoted wife, homeschool mother and family storytelling photographer. For the past 15 years my lil' rascals call me Mommy, and my Sweetie calls me Jacquie. 

My photography journey began 10 years ago, on February 4, 2008, the day my family and I lost my Baby Love to fetal demise.

My Baby Love taught me in a short time as her mommy to live each day as it were a miracle, to be honest and true to myself. Baby Love's spirit and message to my family is to believe that all things are created by God, and that everything has a purpose and a season on Earth regardless of the outcome.

In these 10 years I have found a way to chronicle my journey as a mother of 5 lil' rascals through my faith and my photography. I find simple love and pure joy in these things.  As any mom hopes to gain through collecting family mementos and photos, I want my lil' rascals to know how much ♥ love I had for them and how they were so admired for all of their unique qualities in life.   


The song, "I will carry you" from Selah, has resonated with me through my photography journey and how I know my Baby Love is speaking to me in my heart.  I have in my own consolation and healing defined her as our family guardian angel.  My photography artistic name of Glory Baby Photography comes from the Glory Baby Song sung by Christy Nockles of Watermark.

My heartfelt wish for family, friends and future acquaintances is that I always speak from the heart and shoot my photography and each click off my camera like cupid with her arrow. How I have always invisioned my Baby Love spiritually being there witnessing through my eyes the beauty of Love in my lens.  To me, she is a little angel with an arrow full of love, hence my studio design and logo was born and the name of my photography journey known as
"Glory Baby Photography".  
My photo-journalistic motto through the years grew to be to
 "Capture the Magical Light of a Smile, One Click at a Time!" 
♥ It's truly a special and unique honor to capture a moment of family love and time as a photographer.♥

  ♥ Some little tidbits and things to get to know me better as an artist

♥ Upon meeting, I may look Irish or Northern Italian, but I am indeed Latina, 1/2 Cuban and 1/2 Chilean, and my first language spoken was Spanish. ;)  

  I love to learn everyday and I’m an eternal student at heart ♥.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, concentrating in Marketing and Management, and a associate degree in Graphic and Web Design.  I have 26 years experience working with graphic design and family photography in  publishing and marketing publications in newsprint and online social media. 

♥ Due to my busy homeschooling family life I am always teaching, mothering and homemaking in the day and photo-editing, creating my magical light on my photography. My early mornings and weekends are reserved and devoted for my intimate family sessions with clients to create their own family history and magic! 

I am from New York, and raised in New Jersey and I truly love where I grew up as a little girl. There is so much rich history and beauty in the northeast. Although I hate the bitter northeast cold and love the weather of my current state of South Florida. During the winter months of Florida, I am also lovingly referred to as the "Heat Miser" in my casita. Anything below 70 degrees makes me frown. 

♥ I nicknamed all my children as the "lil' rascals", because they make me smile and laugh every day at all their funny and crazy antics just like the television version of the Little Rascals I grew up watching as a child.

♥ Psst! I have an espresso cafecito addiction. I love coffee, but more than that – I love double espressos about 3 times daily, and on special occasions for late night dessert a dollop of homemade whipped cream (doppio) on my cafecito! How in the world could I do my job without 'mi cafecito Cubano'? 

♥ Our family is devoted to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Family. We are a pro-life and Catholic homeschooling family of 7. Our favorite family prayers are the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Rosary. We enjoy learning about the historical and spiritual lives of the Saints of the Roman Catholic Church. 

My husband, Dennis is my best friend and soul mate of 21 years, and one of the few people in my world who lives and breathes transparency of ♥ Love ♥.  My "Sweetie" is a beautiful example of everything that a husband can give in family life and true love in marriage.


  I truly ♥ LOVE ♥  and enjoy hearing from my family and dear friends.
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