♥ Up Close & Personal with Josh Groban! ♥

My dear sweet daughter, Carmela Luna and I had the utmost gift given to us this year by my generous mother in law, Irene. We Tango(ed) my mother in law, said huge prayers to be able to get an autograph. Front row seats to see Josh Groban's concert "In the Round" at BB&T Arena. It was a great Mommy and Daughter night with so many surprising, funny and daring things. And then MAGIC happened! From Carmela Luna being called on stage for her Q&A question, to getting up close and personal a Josh Groban's autograph at the end of the night!

Needless to say I have been "Grobanized", met some amazing Josh Groban fans, started a Twitter account, learned Instagram by force, and became closer with my beautiful daughter.  I only had one wish that Josh would have sung "Smile" by Chaplin.  He makes me cry every time he sings that song. Instead he sang Prayer with Judith Hill.  I would imagine God smiling down with all His heavenly angels. What a beautiful voice!   These days are truly days to remember. I cherish each and every one of them! We saw a star with my little twinkle star. =)