Week 3/52: TPW -“It’s like you're my mirror.”

Week 3/52
My personal take on the theme song was literal for me this week. My son Carmine Angelo, his name translated from Italian is My Angel Face. He will be turning 5 years old soon next week, and he is a mirror image copy of his Daddy, Dennis. I hope and pray my lil rascal, (nickname) Mr. Ragu, is just like his Daddy as a father and husband. My sweetie hubby is such a kindhearted, dedicated, and loving father and husband.

A sweet early Happy Birthday to my Lil' Ragu. The 4th blessing in our casita to be part of our loving and crazy familia.
What a sweet loving legacy to leave behind in life... so blessed to have a heavenly piece of love on earth with all of our 5 lil' rascals.

“It’s like you're my mirror, my mirror staring back at me.”  Justin Timberlake