♥ In Memory of my Daddy ♥

This post is in memory of my Daddy, Jorge E. Marin, who passed away on June 29th, 2015. I haven't been able to update my blog posts on my website, but have been trolling Facebook for the past 4 months to cope with my grief and pain of the loss of my father. 

For his wake, I created this Cinema video with older photos and mementos of the life of my Daddy. 
My Daddy's last few weeks, he wanted so badly to have the people around him know he was brave, and he was.  He died of lung cancer. This horrific disease did not define his weakness, but rather it defined his true bravery to battle this horrible cancer to the very end of his life. His last words to family on Facebook was to "Enjoy your life." In the past 4 months, I have been trying so badly to keep these words alive, but with a heavy heart, I sometimes fail to enjoy the little things, because unfortunately the mind tricks you to think of the sadness and horrific memories of your loved one in their last moments of life. Our family was not prepared for these days, and I am sure there will be many more days of sadness that comes with losing my Daddy. Not only did we lose my Daddy, but my step father in law lost his mother a month later, and then my future cousin in law lost her Daddy suddenly as well. So grief lurks around our family circle, and as the holidays approach, we settle into a deep anxiety of whether we will be able to be brave and have strength for those hard days that will come with grief during the holidays. 

Dear Daddy,  

It sure is hard to "Enjoy life" without you. I love you so much!

May you know how loved you were on earth by our entire family. Until we meet again in Heaven. 
I hope in meeting your grand daughter Baby Love, you will be able to share with her our family love and memories in Heaven. 

Love you always, your princess, Jacquie.